casus belli

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Casus Belli

[Latin, Cause of war.] A term used in International Law to describe an event or occurrence giving rise to or justifying war.



casus belli

‘cause of war’, the event that is said to justify a war.
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JUBA: Sudan carried out a deadly airstrike on a refugee camp in neighboring South Sudan Thursday, just hours after the south's president accused Khartoum of seeking a pretext for war, officials said.
Next come several books on White House manipulation of the truth, including Jim Bamford's "A Pretext for War," and three documentary books, "Weapons of Mass Deception" and "Secrets and Lies," and "The War on Truth.
Plan "A" involved "wrong-footing" Saddam into providing a legal pretext for war.
Five years ago the 47-year-old blonde was a secret operative for the CIA, a dangerous counter-proliferation job linked to the hunt for suspected weapons of mass destruction that were used by the US government as a pretext for war.
The priest "looked out just as the plane clipped all overhead sign and then toppled a light pole, injuring a taxi driver a few feet away," recounts investigative author James Bamford in his new book A Pretext for War.
Mr Galloway, who is to sue the Telegraph for libel, says intelligence documents found in Baghdad supposedly incriminating him were as false as the dossier on weapons of mass destruction drawn up by No10 as a key pretext for war.
WITH the world watching, a team of 18 United Nations arms inspectors was leaving for Baghdad today to again take up the hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, amid complaints by the Iraqi government that the mission could give America a pretext for war.
Iraqi state media called the draft resolution a pretext for war and urged the Security Council on Thursday not to bow to American demands.