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The Power to Order Sanctions Extends to Postjudgment Rulings That Relate to Pretrial Matters
Magistrate judges have jurisdiction to enter sanctions orders relating to pretrial matters both before and after judgment is entered.
137) The rule, by its terms, does not preclude a magistrate judge from determining any other pretrial matters that have been properly referred, so long as these determinations are "not dispositive of a claim or defense of a party.
District judges, which struggle to manage dockets that have become more burdened each year, increasingly rely on magistrate judges to handle discovery and other pretrial matters.
5) See Pro & Hnatowski, supra note 2, at 1511 (explaining that "[t]he authority of a magistrate judge to handle pretrial matters .
Prior to the 1976 amendments, magistrates were limited to assisting the district judges in pretrial matters.
2d at 1017-18 (explaining that discovery issues are pretrial matters by definition and, therefore, magistrate judges have the authority to determine the award of discovery expenses).
Florida may lack sufficient rules of court procedure to effectively guide the judicial management of complex cases within the state courts system and may unnecessarily expend judicial resources in resolving discovery and other pretrial matters in all types of cases.
The duties of the magistrate include, but are not limited to: conducting most preliminary hearings in criminal cases; trying and disposing of most misdemeanor cases; conducting various pretrial matters and evidentiray hearings upon delegation of district judges; and conducting final hearings for naturalization.