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PREVARICATION. Praevaricatio, civil law. The acting with unfaithfulness and want of probity. The term is applied principally to the act of concealing a crime. Dig. 47, 15, 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Even his name attested to his reputation, for he was called Prevarication Jones.
Weinberger is certainly no stranger to prevarication. David Stockman's auto, biography, The Triumph of Politics, documents Weinberger, as Secretary of Defense, and his assistant secretary Frank Carlucci intentionally cooking the Pentagon's books to win their friends in the DOD an extra $80 billion a year.
There are now signs that the prevarication may soon come to an end.
There has been more than enough prevarication. It is time either to scrap it, or get on with it.
His prevarication in the House of Commons was the squirming of a cabinet minister who couldn't run a bath, never mind our country's most treasured public institution.
I FOUND out that more delays are being imposed by the planning authorities from the North York Moors National Park and more prevarication from Redcar and Cleveland in the work they are meant to be conducting in order to look at the Yorkshire Potash planning request.
Mackay's appointment at Wigan has brought the delay into sharp focus and there has been increasing unease from within the FA itself over the prevarication.
Clearly the council has something to hide and continues to hope that with the maintenance of prevarication the matter will eventually disappear into the long grass.
L'avocat Taieb Bessadok a annonce , sur sa page facebook, que, suite aux erreurs qui ont entache l'arret de la chambre de mises en accusation dans l'affaire dite de Sheratongate , la 9eme chambre de mises en accusation a pris, le 19 mars dernier, un arret rectificatif aux termes duquel le dossier est confie dans sa totalite au juge d'instruction du 12eme bureau, y compris son volet relatif a la prevarication financiere au titre duquel deux chefs d'accusation ont ete retenus contre l'ex-ministre des Affaires etrangeres, Rafik Abdessalem.
Hashem denounced the state of prevarication and procrastination due to the increase in socio-economic crisis.
Chief amongst them are political prevarication, skewed investment priorities and a lack of ambition.