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His was one of many high profile cases that have taken an inordinate time to settle and have given the FA a bad name as prevaricators.
deliberate prevaricators, and impudent ignoramuses who deserve no consideration and are to be handled without gloves" (Robinson 791).
That boastful note wins Bush the Elder a top spot in the roster of Iran/contra prevaricators.
Many of Leavitt's characters are either prevaricators, out-and-out scoundrels, or seeming innocents caught up in the self-serving machinations of others.
It is often called a "lie detector," since its main use is based on the idea that prevaricators will be nervous and the corresponding changes in their autonomic nervous systems will be detected.
Despite occasional reassurances that hunters have absolutely nothing to worry about, keep in mind this is the same administration that is led by two proven prevaricators who routinely and shamelessly ignore our Constitution and existing laws whenever it is politically convenient and whenever it helps them escape personal accountability when they're caught in bald-faced lies.
Proficient prevaricators, the Clintons lack the grace and humility expected of America's leaders, Noonan argues.
Likewise, the efforts of the CBS TV crew in California were perceived more as voyeurism than as respectable journalism, and two ABC producers looked more like prevaricators than champions of public safety and health to viewers who think that journalists have to behave ethically and legally no matter how important the story.
It must find a way to transfer this type of knowledge across the organization's internal, invisible, conceptual boundaries - the walls between finance and operations, between North American and global, between the brilliant missionaries of one successful plant and the anxious prevaricators of the corporate office.
I [now] know them to be hard-hearted fanatics (as fanatics are likely to be), deliberate prevaricators, and impudent ignoramuses, who deserve no consideration and are to be handled without gloves.