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The said ordinance provided that a member of parliament shall not be arrested in any law relating to preventive detention, in order to be required to appear in person in any civil or revenue court or before an election tribunal during a session and a period of 14 days before and after session of the parliament.
The federal government on Tuesday took as many as 44 members affiliated with proscribed organisations, including Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar's brother, Mufti Abdul Rauf, and son, Hammad Azhar, into "preventive detention" under NAP.
However, he stressed that the repealed Internal Security Act (ISA), which had far broader preventive detention powers, will not be reintroduced.
"[T]he PNP has relied on the controlling precedent on the matter of prohibition/ limitation on the exercise of legislative functions while in detention laid down in two similar cases decided by the Supreme Court where it emphasized that: "all prisoners whether under preventive detention or serving final sentence cannot practice their profession nor engage in any business or occupation, or hold office, elective or appointive, while in detention.
Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said in a statement that the Egyptian "was suspected of preparing the commit an attack on national territory." He added that after four days of preventive detention and questioning he "has now been jailed." The suspected terrorist plot was discovered after police raided the home of the now-jailed Egyptian and Collomb said that the elements discovered there allowed police to confirm suspicions.
Preventive detention is an extraordinary measure as it permits executive dispensation of the personal liberty of an individual on the mere apprehension that, if free and unfettered, he may commit acts prejudicial to national security or public order.
"With the ratification of the preventive detention order, the government is set to authorise the premier instead of the federal government to order the detention of any suspected person in order to prevent any upcoming disaster," said sources.The order allows taking any suspicious person into custody for 90 days.
Rights defender and lawyer Tarek El-Awady called the renewal an act of vengeance rather than preventive detention, in a statement he made on his Facebook page shortly after the session came to a close.
It will be difficult to complete the procedure regarding the accused in this case and whose preventive detention period is due to expire in two months, argued Barbouch.
Author of Preventive Detention of Terror Suspects: A New Legal Framework New Providence, Bahamas
Most of the political prisoners in the state are separatists, who have been booked under preventive detention law called Public Safety Act ( PSA) and former militants facing various charges.
First, they can advocate for clear preventive detention statutes at the state level.

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