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Unfortunately, any such education efforts would not take place on a blank slate because successful cartels have developed social norms that encourage price fixing and concealing the cartel activity.
Since the price fixing is said to have happened between 1996 and 2000, prior to the Enterprise Act, it might have been thought that there was no case on those grounds either.
To project actual prices without the price fixing, the economists made a "but for" adjustment using the UMWA (United Mine Workers of America) national index of average hourly wages.
The ACCC has taken proceedings against fifteen international airlines, including Garuda (2 September 2009) and Air New Zealand (17 May 2010), alleging the airlines had engaged in price fixing in relation to surcharges for the carriage of air cargo from origin ports outside Australia to destination ports within Australia.
As a result, JSAs undermine key goals of antitrust law: deterring, exposing, and punishing illegal price fixing.
The commission said that the fine related to price fixing carried out by the airline and its codeshare partner, Germany's Lufthansa, on flights between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Frankfurt.
The latest fine from the OFT was handed out last month to a group of ten companies for the price fixing of football shirts.
Hopefully out of all this might come a clear definition of what price fixing means.
We refute any suggestion that Argos has been involved in price fixing or anti-competitive activity.
Daicel and Nippon Synthetic pleaded guilty to price fixing in 2000, and Ueno Fine Chemicals was convicted of it the same year.
Local vitamin makers cheered a $725 million settlement Thursday in a foiled case of price fixing by two European chemical firms.
He signaled a clear intent on the part of the Justice Department to pursue allegations of price fixing and boycotts and gave a rather pointed reminder that price fixing in the medical field, as in others, is illegal regardless of the social utility or of any beneficial results that might occur.