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Mozambique is a net food importer; during periods of high price inflation of food products in international markets--such as those experienced during 2008-09--the wellbeing of the most vulnerable segments of the population is compromised.
Partially offsetting the impact of lower food price inflation was a rebound in housing and related items inflation, which climbed back over 4 percent, similar to levels in August last year.
Meanwhile, 30- to 49-year-olds benefited from lower food, petrol and alcohol price inflation in May.
President Nixon's idea for creating core CPI, was to deceive Americans about price inflation by excluding the items that were rising the most, which he would justify by calling these items "too volatile".
Output price inflation was solid and the most pronounced in nine months.
The biggest impact on the yearly price inflation was due to more expensive intermediate goods like industrial metals and commodities used by the chemical industry, while energy prices remained nearly the same over the year and thus lowered the average.
Economist predicts food price inflation will return to normal levels in 2010: After a couple years of above average food price inflation, a Purdue University agricultural economist believes the inflation rate will return to normal next year.
The TUC said people would still receive a reasonable increase in their pensions even if price inflation was close to zero if the link, abolished in 1980, was restored.
High-profile discounting and falling prices for key commodities have brought overall shop price inflation down even more from its peak in August," said the BRC's director general, Stephen Robertson.
Transport price inflation was 5 percent in July, up from 3.
The Gulf region is struggling to control inflation as higher oil prices spur rapid economic growth and currency pegs to a weak US dollar fuel import price inflation.
For developing Asia as a whole, consumer price inflation hit 7.