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In boom-type asset price inflation there is already much good news about the U.
That is a pity, especially given that the present themes surrounding asset price inflation overlap considerably monetary economics as taught by the Austrian School (albeit that this highlighted distortions to the relative price of capital and consumer goods rather than to a broad array of asset markets).
Lee Ju-yeol will personally explain the reasons the consumer price inflation fell short of the target and offer the future direction of the BOK's monetary policies to help achieve its inflation target," it added.
According to the ONS report, the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), a measure of consumer price inflation produced to international standards and in line with European regulations, increased by 0.
Before the Reserve Bank adopted inflation targeting in 1989, high nominal house price inflation partly reflected generalised inflation in the economy.
CPIH annual inflation, the measure of consumer price inflation including owner occupiers' housing costs, was recorded at 0.
High food price inflation during the food price shock of 2008-09 may be responsible for an additional 39,000 moderately underweight and 24,000 severely underweight children in Mozambique
Poland's central bank has suggested that it could tolerate low consumer price inflation (CPI).
The latest wholesale price data came two days after official figures showed consumer price inflation had dropped to 5.
It said lower food price inflation was the main reason for the decline while rental inflation picked up slightly.
12, ( ANI ): With annual consumer price inflation jumping to 11.
Abu Dhabi: Consumer price inflation in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE is low and well under control, Dr Hashem Al Nuaimi, Director of Customer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy said yesterday.