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Consumers has also extended the previously announced Price Determination Date of 2:00 p.
The Federal Board of Revenue recently informed the Senate Standing Committee on Finance that the government lost Rs7 billion in revenue due to this new weekly price determination mechanism.
Sir Alan said that market conditions in most sectors of Hyder's key territories remained generally strong with the exception of the UK water market, which had weakened ahead of regulator's Ofwat's final AMP4 price determination later this week.
in accordance with standard market practice on the Price Determination Date, as described in the Hexion Offer Documents, plus (ii) a fixed spread of 50 basis points.
Treasury Security as of the Price Determination Date (as defined below).
Today s electricity price determination by the Economic Regulator is further proof Tasmania s energy prices are bucking the national trend, Ms Giddings said.
Independent economists termed the weekly price determination formula a complete failure of the present government and bid to award the billionaire associated with this business.
in the UK, cover consumer and production theory, price determination, analyzing markets, managerial objectives and competitive strategy, and the market for inputs.
Pursuant to the terms of the Offer to Purchase, as a result of the extension of the Expiration Date, the consideration payable to holders of Notes has been calculated using a new price determination date of June 30, 2008, which is the tenth business day preceding the scheduled Expiration Date.
The table below indicates the interest rate (the "New Notes Coupon") for each series of New Notes to be issued by Verizon pursuant to the Exchange Offers (as calculated at the Price Determination Date in accordance with the Offering Memorandum):
An announcement made by BHP Billiton regarding price determination of a two tranche Euro bond and a two tranche Sterling bond under its Euro Medium Term Note Programme.
ISLAMABAD -- The National assembly legislative body on Tuesday directed Secretary Petroleum to apprise the body either the recommendations of committee over oil price determination presented to the prime minister or not else committee would hand over this matter to privilege committee.