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When fundamentals are overwhelmed by the allure of the story and the power of price momentum, volatility to both the upside and downside is almost sure to result.
2013) study the relation between stock price momentum and [R.
This Fund is unique in providing sector selection analysis and investments in S&P 500 constituent companies utilizing dividend yield and price momentum equally weighted.
The growing house price momentum appears to have been driven by a further tightening in the supply of homes for sale, with most areas seeing a decrease in new properties coming on the market in March.
The papers discussed above showed that short-term momentum effect has been found and price momentum investment strategies are profitable in many stock markets but there are many research papers in financial literature that raise doubts over the existence of short-term momentum effect and claim that they did not find momentum effect in the stock markets and returns from price momentum investment strategies were not significant.
Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) and Chan, Jegadeesh and Lokanishok (1996) mentioned that under-reaction of stock prices to information contained in past stock returns and past company earnings give rise to price momentum.
Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist for Rics, added: "House prices in general look set to remainrmly on the upward trend, although interestingly, there are some tentative signs that the price momentum in the London market may begin to slow.
The fund manager is, however, equally aware of market sentiment and the influence of price momentum, and is pragmatic in letting the fund's winners run with the help of technical analysis used to identify positive news flow not yet incorporated into the share price.
FNC said that based on a three-month moving average covering June, July and August, the cities of Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles showed the best price momentum, averaging 2.
Long says, "Positive price momentum exists across most lines with the magnitude of increases targeted to where it is needed most, workers compensation and property.
The financial product will target four sectors of the S&P 500 that show relatively strong price momentum in the most recent 12-month period.
Tuesday's price momentum came after a massive run-up from mid-June, when gas futures traded below $2.