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The perfect text gave me the opportunity to feel Tim's pride and joy as he carved his pumpkin, his sorrow as his jack-o-lantern began to deteriorate and his excitement and hope when he found the new pumpkin plants.
Drivers of modified cars can get cheaper insurance than those with standard vehicles, as they take more care of their tarted-up pride and joy.
The land and our environment are the very basis of our existence and our culture, they are our pride and joy, our life.
CALL US SOFTY, BUT WE love the installation rites at our halls of fame: the heartfelt expressions of pride and joy, the tears, the warming nostalgia.
Her genuinely surprised, enthusiastic response gave me goose bumps of pride and joy.
It gives me enormous pride and joy to think I serve as president of an institution that not only has ideals I can share, but also earnestly seeks to live those ideals," Dr.
They brought America to tears of pride and joy," sportswriter John Lopez wrote in a wrap-up story on the U.
At one time, the company regularly lent its pride and joy, Grant Wood's "Fall Plowing," to various museums and exhibits.