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The system in question is the PRIMAR from Mahr Federal (Providence, RI).
These include Mahr's line of double-flank roll testers and the gear-specific versions of the Primar form- and gear-measuring machine.
Their crushing hatred was not primar ily against Israel as a people or a race, but against its religion.
Hospital managers, on the other hand, generally employ a simpler approach in planning bed capacity, relying primar ily on target occupancy levels.
In addition to the order online capabilities, the site includes product information on hand tools, dial and digital indicators, air and electronic gages, standards, form measurement, surface analysis, Primar MX4, gear roll testers, precision length metrology, multi-sensor CMMs, special gaging, and customer services.
And with asynchronicity and high electronic interactivity, socialization can be refocused on the educational process, a phenomenon that is reinforced by a commitment to results-oriented learning based on actual performance of specified and testable outcomes, rather than, as in the traditional situation, relying primar ily on predetermined inputs and subjective criteria to maintain and assess quality.
For instance, they multiply faster when exposed to testosterone, the primar y male sex hormone, or to DHT, a far more potent analog that the body produces from testosterone.
According to Salisbury's work at EBRI, companies with fewer than 2,500 employees tend in practice to rely on a defined-contribution plan, often a 401 (k), as the primar or only retirement plan.
A foundry can base target prices on such criteria as gross dollar profit per machine shift, revenue per mold or percent gross profit--choosing one as primar criterion and using the others as secondary.
I have been employed in the corrections field in various capacities over the past 20 years, primar experience has been community-based, mainly residential, in the private and public sectors.
Professors Aoki and Sheard also stress the importance of monitoring as a byproduct of a primar commercial relationship in connection with main bank crisis monitoring.
Five other single hull MR product carriers, the Overseas Athens, Overseas Ermar, Overseas Fulmar, Overseas Allenmar and Overseas Primar, redelivered in July.