Primary Care Trust

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Primary Care Trust (PCT)

one of the bodies which receive government funds to provide health services nationwide. Performance and standards are monitored by strategic Health Authorities. The focus is on community based health services including point of contact services such as the general medical practitioner. Prevention is also within their responsibilities. Secondary care is delivered by, hospitals which are run by, for example, NHS Trusts.
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The area's Primary Care Trust was formed two years ago and has a yearly budget of pounds 858m to serve 497,000 people.
The boards of Dudley Primary Care Trust and Walsall Teaching Primary Care Trust will meet at the Park Inn at Birmingham Road, West Bromwich, following a three-month consultation period on the proposed Mental Health Partnership Trust.
Dr Amoolya Prasad, a GP whose practice is in Bloxwich Road South, Willenhall, has been suspended for 28 days by the Walsall Teaching Primary Care Trust.
It is being held with Hambleton and Richmondshire Primary Care Trust, Langbaurgh Primary Care Trust, Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust.
The setback comes after it emerged yesterday that every other NHS hospital and primary care trust in Liverpool wants to join in with the Royal's initiative.
The excellent three-star score was repeated by South Huddersfield Primary Care Trust.
The city's Primary Care Trust has put together an action plan to help it claw back the huge cash deficit
He became chief executive of Coventry Primary Care Trust in 2002.
I WAS shocked to read that the Liberal Democrat councillor fo r Greasby, Frankby and Irby is also a member of the Government's Primary Care Trust in Wallasey and Birkenhead (Daily Post, July 15).
The chief executive of South Liverpool primary care trust,Alan Hodgkinson, unveiled his blueprint for the future of health care.
The information they come up with will be used in decisionmaking by the Trust Boards of the three North of Tyne primary care organisations - Northumberland Care Trust, North Tyneside Primary Care Trust and Newcastle Primary Care Trust.
This is the first scheme of its kind in the UK as it involves three procuring authorities - one of which is a Primary Care Trust. In this unique move, South Tyneside Council and Gateshead Council and South Tyneside Primary Care Trust will work together to improve schools across their regions while the private sector partner will also deliver a new health centre for the Primary Care Trust.

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