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PRIMARY. That which is first or principal; as primary evidence, or that evidence which is to be admitted in the first instance, as distinguished from secondary evidence, which is allowed only when primary evidence cannot be had.
     2. A primary obligation is one which is the principal object of the contract; for example, the primary obligation of the seller is to deliver the thing sold, and to transfer the title to it. It is distinguished from the accessory or secondary obligation to pay damages for not doing so. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 702.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Second, the ability to stratify death rates for each primary cancer site/leading diagnosis by demographic and geographic variables and to assess the geographic variation at the state or county level was limited because of low death counts.
Patients with secondary cancer are also being given a low priority because national targets on waiting times only apply to patients with primary cancers.
When doctors diagnose metastatic cancer, they will refer to it with the same name as the primary cancer regardless of where the metastatic cancer was discovered.
The companion website includes access to videos of surgery techniques for head and neck primary cancer sites.
The original site of the primary cancer could not be found, making it exceptionally hard to treat.
A diagnosis of CUP is very serious and particularly hard to understand that a person has a secondary or metastatic cancer but the primary cancer cannot be detected.
The follow-up time was divided into 5 categories: (1) 31 days to 1 year; (2) 1 to 5 years; (3) 5 to 10 years; (4) 10 years or longer; and (5) total time from first primary cancer diagnosis.
All these cases occurred in patients with a history of anal fistula for two months 16 years duration and diagnosis was confirmed by confirming similar histopathological characteristics between the primary cancer and the perianal lesion.
Tickets for both events are pounds 12 and can be booked by calling 01434 652477 or going online at Newcastle is the home of one of the primary cancer research centres and helps set the pace for national and international progress in diagnosing and treating cancer.
Up until now, medical science has been focused on the primary tumor, basing treatment decisions on the specific characteristics of the primary cancer cells.
Unfortunately, each year in the United States several thousand people are diagnosed with "unknown primary cancer." Some of these patients have a metastatic neoplasm whose primary site is never found.