Primary powers

PRIMARY POWERS. The principal authority given by a principal to his agent; it differs from mediate powers. (q.v.) Story, Ag. Sec. 58.

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Keeping peace in Northern Ireland for decades was responsible for a large slice of the defence budget so the Northern Ireland Assembly, when established, received many primary powers and the best Barnett settlement of all.
We are also taking forward the commitment to work towards a successful referendum on primary powers for the Assembly.
I speak as somebody who would support primary powers being devolved eventually, but it's true to say the
SIR - As a former housing benefit claimant, I must say how disgusted I am George Osborne has not introduced a mansion tax, and call on Carwyn Jones to use Wales' primary powers over council tax to do so.
David Cameron last week said he "wouldn't stand in the way" of a public vote on primary powers if the Tories win the next General Election.
The Institute of Welsh Affairs report concludes if the Assembly were to gain primary powers in a referendum, it would be able to drive its own legislative agenda.
The Welsh Assembly Government says it will hold a referendum on primary powers in 2011.
Mr Dafis said opponents saw primary powers for the Assembly as a slide towards splitting the UK.
In the meantime Plaid Cymru must wring every last concession from its coalition partners starting with a full and public commitment to an early referendum on primary powers before it is too late.
The Welsh secretary said there was no consensus yet in Wales behind handing full primary powers to Cardiff.
Mr Hain said, 'Some have shouted betrayal that primary powers are not being delivered immediately.
The question is not so much why the Assembly should have primary powers, as why it shouldn't.