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15% primary reinforcement (cross-sectional area of primary reinforcement over cross section of the corbel), and also subjected only to horizontal loading.
Only the ratio of cross section in respect of primary reinforcement was varied in this series.
In some theoretical accounts, choice has been assumed to be based entirely on conditioned reinforcement, and the value of delayed primary reinforcement has been disregarded (e.
These results show that delayed primary reinforcement can produce reliable preference in a concurrent chains procedure.
Moreover, their findings were inconsistent with the molar notions that choice behavior is a function only of the primary reinforcement presented at the end of each cycle and that terminal-link stimuli are solely discriminative.
Data suggesting that patterns of preference and other characteristics of initial-link responding remain relatively constant across all manipulations would indicate that overall rate of primary reinforcement in the terminal links is central, independent of any contribution of conditioned reinforcement.
The non-contingent reinforcement component allowed staff to be paired with primary reinforcement, thereby establishing staff presence and social praise as secondary reinforcers while discontinuing the pairing of staff with demands, as in previous settings.
Effect of primary reinforcement schedule on secondary reinforcement strength with continuous secondary reinforcement during training.
Secondary reinforcement strength as a function of schedule of primary reinforcement.
A] is the time between the appearance of stimulus A and primary reinforcement, and where T is the overall time between reinforcer presentations.