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Nine corbels, in which the ratio of primary reinforcement varied from 0.
0 failed at the lowest load; this is expected since no primary reinforcement was provided in the corbel.
In accordance with the PCI, As, cross-sectional area of primary reinforcement is taken as the larger of the two values given by Eqns (1) and (2):
In some theoretical accounts, choice has been assumed to be based entirely on conditioned reinforcement, and the value of delayed primary reinforcement has been disregarded (e.
These results show that delayed primary reinforcement can produce reliable preference in a concurrent chains procedure.
Thus, the variable initial-link stimulus locations eliminated side position as a potential bridge to the delayed primary reinforcement at the end of the terminal links.
Data suggesting that patterns of preference and other characteristics of initial-link responding remain relatively constant across all manipulations would indicate that overall rate of primary reinforcement in the terminal links is central, independent of any contribution of conditioned reinforcement.
Primary reinforcement was reliably obtained after about 10 s in the FI 10-s terminal link, and after about 20 s in the FI 20-s terminal link.
Applying DRT to the concurrent-chains procedure however, requires that the delay reduction signaled by each alternative be weighted by the rate of primary reinforcement for that alternative.
R] are the overall rates of primary reinforcement on the left and right keys, respectively; T is the average overall time to primary reinforcement measured from the onset of the choice phase; and [t.
Secondary reinforcement strength and primary reinforcement schedule: Single group technique.