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PRIMATE, eccl. law.. An archbishop who has jurisdiction over one or several other metropolitans.

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Teeth of living and extinct South American monkeys--including those of a 26-million-year-old Bolivian primate that was until now the oldest known New World primate--differ in many ways from the newly discovered teeth, the researchers say.
Combining these measurements with similar data from other studies, the team compared daily energy expenditure among primates to that of other mammals.
Xijun said: "Archicebus marks the first time that we have a reasonably complete picture of a primate close to the divergence between tarsiers and anthropoids.
Once again, this report shows that the world's primates are under increasing threat from human activities.
Over 100 MPs have also signed an Early Day Motion (EDM 957) calling on the Government to end the UK's involvement in the wild-caught primate trade.
The IUCN has announced that 48% of primate species are now either endangered.
the Commission to propose an end to all non-human primate experiments in the revision process of Directive 86/609 EC on the use of animals in scientific procedures, specifically: to prohibit chimpanzee experiments and the use of wild-caught primates in the EU and phase out all non-human primate experiments in the EU over the next 6 years.
You can find 20 tapping away on branches at the Duke University Primate Center--the only place in North America with aye-ayes.
leucogenys), originating from different zoos and primate centers mainly from France, were tested by two different immunofluorescence assays, as previously described (12,13).
Some primates - particularly little ones like the marmosets of South America - an number in the tens of millions.
The international sanctuary for wild and exotic animals closed the door last week on accepting more primates ``retired'' from research laboratories, the director said Saturday.
The history of monkey experimentation is, in fact, a chronicle of close-calls and direct hits of human slate-wipers, diseases conveyed from primates to humans for which there are often no cures.