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Second, any transition to new prime movers is an inherently prolonged affair, taking decades to accomplish.
6 metre long prime mover box directly onto the DAF chassis, and the 6.
The PowerWorks has been set up as an industrial strength prime mover designed to improve the reliability, maintenance and emission levels of prime movers," said Pete Baldwin, president of NREC.
Fernow, chief of the Forestry Division of the Department of Agriculture, who would later be a prime mover in the American Forestry Association.
Keynesians, monetarists, and supplysiders, for example, all use the framework, although they disagree sharply about the relative importance of various prime movers and about exactly how prime movers affect economic behavior.
During the short term, this challenging landscape in the oil and gas sector is likely to recover driving prime movers sales which are expected to progressively return to its previous growth rate.
The new prime mover and semi-trailer combinations will approximately double the carrying capacity of conventional rear tip trucks, boosting the productivity of road gangs working in these isolated locations, Mr Mullighan said.
A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was being formed and registered as a private limited company for assembling/manufacturing of North Benz prime movers by using the existing infrastructure and capacity available at HIT in collaboration with National Logistic Cell (NLC) and North China Industries Corporation (NORINCO), a state-owned Chinese firm.
According to a statement issued here, the IPDF is assisting Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) in selection of a private party with exclusive territorial rights to promote North Benz prime movers for the entire country under Build, Own and Operate (BOO) basis.
Natural gas prime movers, engines, and turbines offer all the benefits of prime movers using other fuels.
Clearly, commercial considerations are the prime movers behind this ``Battle,'' but that doesn't mean the movie is completely without artistic (well, pop artistic) merit.