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A: I've written columns about the importance of the priming step in the handloading process, and one of the main points was that substituting primers can create a potentially adverse situation.
Paint companies have spent millions of dollars on primer R&D and manufacturing over the years, but primers have special considerations in terms of corrosion control that do not always match the core competency of offering a full range of aesthetic topcoats," says Merrick Alpert, president of EonCoat.
Because of the relatively low striker energy leverguns have, pistol primers improve typical loads because pistol primers require far less striker energy to ignite with good primer-to-primer consistency.
The species-locus-specific primers are able to anneal to host DNA alone in highly contaminated feces of highlighted species.
Because it incorporates proprietary resin and anticorrosion pigments and is formulated with no heavy metals, Spectracron AdvantEdge HPP primer offers customers a more sustainable solution for achieving superior corrosion resistance and sharp-edge performance.
Along with delivering excellent corrosion protection over steel and ferrous substrates, Spectracron AdvantEdge HPP primer is compatible with a wide array of pretreatment products and regimens.
The appearance of fired primers can and probably will change just from changing the brand of primers.
Another advantage of the three-wet system is that it removes the need for sanding and repair of primers, steps that cost money and often lead to dirt and further defects.
Julie Bench, N Yorks Collection Reviving & Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Primers, PS4.
Make-up artists use clever lightreflecting primers to recreate this youthful look.
This week we are all about the base as our testers try out three foundation primers.
In this methodology, rather than broadly flanking a region of interest, the primers tie immediately on top of the putative SNP.