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Our Primus stove worked, but a good cleaning and servicing would have made it easier to use and more dependable.
Note, however, that this version of events is disputed in some quarters, with suggestions that a Dane, Frederik Ferdinand Tretow-Loof, may have invented the Primus stove.
Cannes and Nice may be the oh-so-trendy hang-outs of the rich and famous but as long as you have a primus stove and a packet of soup in your backpack then anyone can walk the streets of even the smartest towns.
For years it has been a standing joke in Cypher Towers that when the kids have flown the nest, YT and I would invest in a couple of folding chairs, a Primus stove and start to tour the lay-bys (or is that lay-bies?
Brian Little took on the role of party-pooper - standing in the corner of the sitting room with a lamp shade on his head - while Coventry's wheeler-dealer chairman Bryan Richardson was strangely pre-occupied by flogging the Aga cooker in Skidmore Towers and replacing it with a Primus stove.
He cooks everything on a little Primus stove on the balcony, asks me where I keep my goats and has even dug up my window box to grow vegetables.
Here, looking out from the riverbank, we had one of the best meals of the trip, a fantastic series of Turkish dishes cooked on a Primus stove.
When we came to a suitable spot, Jim would pull the car off the road, set up a wind screen, light up his primus stove to brew tea and we would have a picnic with lots of ham sandwiches and fancy cream cakes.
Sir Robin, 70, fumed: "Ranulph and I were told we could not light a Primus stove unless we were supervised.
If we really pare down the resources, maybe we could end up running the restaurants with just a couple of staff in each, four tables and a primus stove.
It isn't known if Keef intends to spend afternoons brewing up tea on a Primus stove and trying to keep sand out of his Marmite sandwiches.