Principal contract

PRINCIPAL CONTRACT. One entered into by both parties, on their own accounts, or in the several qualities they assume. It differs from an accessory contract. (q.v.) Vide Contract.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Be mindful of the interrelationship between the principal contract and the release agreement (for example, which document is to prevail in case of any conflict or inconsistency; and does the release payment reduce the settlor's liability limit under the principal contract -- and if so, by how much?).
According to the principal contract, construction is set to begin in early April and is scheduled to be completed within 2021.
According to the principal contract, construction is set to begin this month and is scheduled to be completed within 2021, ICR said.
Court of Appeals, the consideration of the accessory REM contract is the same as that of the principal contract. For the borrower, the consideration of his obligation to pay is the existence of a debt.
He noted that the SC has also considered the existence of the principal contract's right to control the means and methods of the work of the contractors' employees or the so-called 'control-test' as well as the contractor's lack of independent business, in determining whether there is labor-only contracting.
Board members voted to reinstate Lange's principal contract, even though several district employees said she lacked the skills to be a principal.
Sukumi's principal contract signed with the Lebanese State stipulated lines of waste sorting; however, the Company made a personal initiative and expanded sorting operations at its own expense 4.
Dividends ($111.4 billion) made up 20.0 percent of total income while notional principal contract income ($86.2 billion) made up 15.4 percent.
al-Khoury told The Daily Star at the protest site there were six principal contract demands that bank employees refused to budge on, the most important of which concern post-retirement health care coverage for employees and an increase in school and university tuition benefits, which have been frozen at LL2,750,000 since the old agreement lapsed.
(TPE:2317), its principal contract manufacturer, and still have more than half left over.
Although Ascot is affiliated to ATR, the meeting belongs to the British Champions Series Ltd, which awarded the principal contract to the BBC and decided the non-terrestrial rights should be shared with Racing UK.

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