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PRINTING. The art of impressing letters; the art of making books or papers by impressing legible characters.
     2. The right to print is guaranteed by law, and the abuse of the right renders the guilty person liable to punishment. See Libel,; Liberty of the Press; Press.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This is one of the key conditions for ensuring that the digital printing system selected can make a company's label printing business more competitive.
Common UNIX Printing System software is available free of charge from
At the same time, the Windows Printing system makes it easier for users to both understand and access the printing process.
In December 2008, a Kodak Versamark VL2000 Printing System that prints with CMYK pigment inks went productive in Weingarten (southern Germany), the biggest of T-Systems DDM's three locations.
The technology increases the available colour gamut for images, producing drops as small as 1.3 picolitres, so a 5-ink printing system can produce photo-quality prints comparable to 6-colour inkjet printers.
Using industry proven shared-wall piezo technology, the Pilot offers better print quality than competitive dot-matrix CIJ (continuous inkjet) or hi-resolution printing systems. With 128 addressable jets per printhead, PZ Pilot boasts 180 dpi print resolution.
Multistation process printing system uses interdeck uv curing to print photographic images onto dairy container lids and other flat products.
By early 2004, the Rubber Printing System (RPS) was developed, tested, and installed on a tread extruding line in a major tire manufacturing plant where it continues to operate per initial project objectives.
-- six-color printing system, including light cyan and light magenta;
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-16 August 2000-New printing system for the Internet now available from Ringdale (C)1994-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD