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PRINTING. The art of impressing letters; the art of making books or papers by impressing legible characters.
     2. The right to print is guaranteed by law, and the abuse of the right renders the guilty person liable to punishment. See Libel,; Liberty of the Press; Press.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The group also visited the printing works at the Newsprint factory where they saw a demonstration of newspaper printing.
The Printing Works was then located in the Bank's new building which was inaugurated in 1906.
The printing works were left just as they were when Wales' oldest printing firm closed there 12 months ago.
The new R&D Centre is located in Tokyo's southern Ryoguku district, historically a light industrial sector crammed with small printing works, machine plants and textile factories.
The Printing Works, based at the Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Rugby, fended off the competition to land the contract.
The Government's recently launched sustainable communities policy has been welcomed by Birmingham boutique project management company Concept which is nearing the end of a pounds 30 million redevelopment of the former Daily Mirror printing works in Watford.
The group, once based at Tamworth but now in Scotland, has bought Kwik Save's printing works in North Wales for pounds 558,000 and will print the cardboard signs that hang over the supermarket's aisles for the next five years.