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In this essay, the author wants to consider whether the "phenomenal concepts" posited by many recent philosophers of mind are consistent with Wittgenstein's private language argument.
Returning now to the private language argument, Mulhall sets out to demonstrate that the guiding themes of his previous work (namely the internal relation between form and content in Wittgenstein's writing, the literary dimensions of his language, and the nature of Wittgenstein's 'therapeutic' relation to his readers) have a central importance to the private language argument as well.
Mulhall favours the former (but gives both sides a fair and thorough exposition), and thus maintains a certain resolute continuity between the Tractatus and the private language argument of the Investigations.
The majority of readers who pick up this book will expect it to be about the private language argument, typically considered to consist of some position on the possibility or impossibility of a language which can, in principle, be understood only by the person speaking it.
I will not consider Jacquette's third goal here; although he handles the material skillfully, for the most part his analysis of such topics as the private language argument does not cover new ground.
124), and the private language argument no more stable or normative than a social contract (p.