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All my love and kisses Louise xxx It was a privelege to know you Les.
I believe that my collaboration with Sodexo will not only lead to greater appreciation for Southeast Asian flavors but that in doing so, I will have the privelege of connecting to a community of chefs who actually feed many, many more people than I ever will at my own restaurants," said Pham, chef/owner of renowned Lemon Grass restaurant in Sacramento, food columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and host of "My Country, My Kitchen: Vietnam" on The Food Network.
Erica Jean and Marc Innocenti argue that "It's a Privelege to Pee," just one of the offbeat numbers in `Urinetown the Musical.
Bute Cons and Privelege are still locked in combat at the top of Tuesday Division Two.
20 of 1998 has been issued, this privelege is likely to be revoked.
That would earn them the dubious privelege of a trip to either Warrington or Wigan in the first round of the play-offs.
If you've never had the privelege, find out for yourself tomorrow night mate, when it's all gonna go a bit Pete Tong (sorry, we had to
There are also four trim levels: Authentique, Expression, Dynamique and Privelege.
They pay at least pounds 500 per person per night for the privelege.
To play at the top level in your chosen sport is a privelege.
The reports have named the manufacturers as Privelege Yard, who have a base at Civitavecchia.
It's my privelege to be the first leader in 100 years to speak to our conference six and a half years into government," he said.