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PRIVY SEAL, Eng. law. A seal which the king uses to such grants or things as pass the great seal. 2 Inst. 554.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Writing on May 26, 1993, he told the Lord Privy Seal: "I have to tell you that I can see some very serious problems in trying to explain why, for example, most of Cardiff, Newport and Wrexham should come out of Assisted Area Status completely.
This usurper and cuckolder's dramatically staged seizure of the Privy Seal signifies his understanding of discourse as an extension of political practice.
Cameron can alter the status of the Lords Leader in his Cabinet, but he can't mess with the Lord Privy Seal.
In the case of Chancery scribes a model was there to be studied and practiced, and they were trained to write in a uniform style, while Hoccleve presumably followed the conventions of the Privy Seal Office.
Ms Stewart's job was as a "runner", passing infor mation between the Lord Privy Seal's office and the press room.
It was named after Sir John Anderson, then Lord Privy Seal with special responsibility for preparing air raid precautions immediately prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, and it was he who initiated the development of the shelter.
Double take: Actress Meryl Streep makes a convincing Margaret Thatcher What a bunch: The 1983 Conservative cabinet: top, standing, from left, Chief Whip John Wakeham, Agriculture Michael Jopling, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Lord Cockfield, Employment Norman Tebbit, Lord Privy Seal John Biffen, Wales Nicholas Edwards, Environment Patrick Jenkin, Social Services Norman Fowler, Trade Cecil Parkinson, Transport Tom King, Chief Secretary Peter Rees, Cabinet Secretary Robert Armstrong.
When he heard of the Soviet invasion he immediately summoned Lord Privy Seal Koichi Kido and told him, "In the light of the Soviet entry ....
government during his visit in June 1957 to lighten life sentences for the 10 war criminals, released on parole, including Koichi Kido, a former lord keeper of the privy seal.
Gilmour's private secretary later wrote, ''While expressing the prime minister's appreciation of arrangements in hand, the Lord Privy Seal (Gilmour) explained that the prime minister would prefer that, as in this country, her personal security were treated on the same basis as that of other prime ministers, and that she should not have, as some reports had suggested, a special detachment of female bodyguards.''
A letter from the Lord Privy Seal to the Foreign Office, on May 21, 1979, detailed Cabinet Secretary Sir John Hunt's concerns.
A letter from the Lord Privy Seal to the Foreign Office in May that year, detai led cabinet secretary Sir John Hunt's concerns.