Pro Hac Vice

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Pro Hac Vice

For this turn; for this one particular occasion. For example, an out-of-state lawyer may be admitted to practice in a local jurisdiction for a particular case only.

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pro hac vice

(proh hock vee-chay) prep. Latin for "this time only," the phrase refers to the application of an out-of-state lawyer to appear in court for a particular trial, even though he/she is not licensed to practice in the state where the trial is being held. The application is usually granted, but sometimes the court requires association with a local attorney.

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Out-of-state lawyers who want to appear in Wisconsin courts, or appear pro hac vice, must complete an application process and pay a $250 fee for each case.
Similarly, the non-resident attorney may need to co-counsel with a resident attorney to avoid any objections under Section 470, a process that would appear to mirror the pro hac vice process, even though the applicant is an admitted New York lawyer.
However, you should not assume that your role as local counsel will be limited to helping your classmate get admitted pro hac vice. At least one Massachusetts case has held that it is improper for a lawyer to attempt to withdraw from a matter after procuring the pro hac vice admission of another lawyer.
The Leis trial court judge summarily rejected the attorneys pro hac vice
Each case was coded for topic, uniqueness (i.e., whether any follow-on cases were filed), the presence of an institutional plaintiff, the Delaware law firms appearing in the case, the admission of out-of-state counsel (through pro hac vice motions), and eventual outcome.
(7) The magistrate judge initially permitted Low and Fahle to work together on the condition that Low would immediately file a motion for admission pro hac vice. (8) The judge revoked Low's admission pro hac vice, however, when Low violated a local court rule restricting the cross-examination of a witness to one attorney.
He has been admitted pro hac vice in more than 22 jurisdictions.
Section 905(b) utilizes the term "vessel" and incorporates the "vessel's owner, owner pro hac vice, agent, operator, charter or bare boat charterer, master, officer, or crew member." (7) Section 905(c) extends the application of [section] 905(b) to claims brought pursuant to [section] 1333 of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.
are provided to the lawyer's employer or its organizational affiliates and are not services for which the forum requires pro hac vice admission...." (81) These rules are referred to as "safe harbor" (82) provisions excepting in-house counsel from traditional state unauthorized practice of law rules.
(2) Services ancillary to pending or prospective litigation or administrative agency proceedings in a state where the lawyer is admitted or expects to be admitted pro hac vice or is otherwise authorized to appear;
The MJP rules also require out-of-state lawyers who appear in a Florida court or arbitration to file a copy of their pro hac vice motion and verified statement, respectively, with The Florida Bar.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday handed down a written order on its recent decision to approve exceptions to its pro hac vice rule for certain tribal attorneys.