Pro Hac Vice

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Pro Hac Vice

For this turn; for this one particular occasion. For example, an out-of-state lawyer may be admitted to practice in a local jurisdiction for a particular case only.

pro hac vice

(proh hock vee-chay) prep. Latin for "this time only," the phrase refers to the application of an out-of-state lawyer to appear in court for a particular trial, even though he/she is not licensed to practice in the state where the trial is being held. The application is usually granted, but sometimes the court requires association with a local attorney.

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also sought court access through Illinois' pro hac vice procedure
Perhaps the most important of these advantages was a willingness to grant pro hac vice motions, which allows out-of-state counsel to appear in a case, with little complication.
10) Low subsequently filed a second request to be admitted pro hac vice, which the district court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit both rejected.
If such person was employed to provide shipbuilding, repairing, or breaking services and such person's employer was the owner, owner pro hac vice, agent, operator, or charterer of the vessel, no such action shall be permitted, in whole or in part or directly or indirectly, against the injured person's employer (in any capacity, including as the vessel's owner, owner pro hac vice, agent, operator, or charterer) or against the employees of the employer.
are provided to the lawyer's employer or its organizational affiliates and are not services for which the forum requires pro hac vice admission.
2) Services ancillary to pending or prospective litigation or administrative agency proceedings in a state where the lawyer is admitted or expects to be admitted pro hac vice or is otherwise authorized to appear;
The MJP rules also require out-of-state lawyers who appear in a Florida court or arbitration to file a copy of their pro hac vice motion and verified statement, respectively, with The Florida Bar.
The attorney(s) chosen must be admitted to practice before the SJC or eligible to be admitted pro hac vice.
Two years ago, Dalton said, the committee took a look at its resources (fees generated from the pro hac vice fee applications, for example) and its outdated website.
Illustrating the issues in extra-jurisdictional practice and pro hac vice rules, the Rhode Island Supreme Court granted pro hac vice status to a Massachusetts lawyer but refused to pre-date the status to legitimate services already performed.