Pro Se

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Pro Se

For one's own behalf; in person. Appearing for oneself, as in the case of one who does not retain a lawyer and appears for himself or herself in court.

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pro se

(proh say) prep. Latin for "for himself". A party to a lawsuit who represents himself (acting in propria persona), is appearing in the case "pro se." (See: in propria persona)

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22Sarkis Property Management v Theresa Spence, Lawrence Spence, et ano, 163 Arnett Blvd Pro Se
23Rodney T Olison v Cassandra DeMinck, 88 Van Stallen St Pro Se
After losing on direct appeal, he filed a pro se motion for post-conviction relief.
The lack of legal representation for the poor is an issue of national concern, and we are thrilled that the Hofstra Pro Se Program will offer assistance to unrepresented persons in navigating the complexities of federal litigation."
Matthews said the statute gave him authority to proceed pro se and stated that Farmville had dissolved on June 30, 2012.
The Supreme Judicial Court recently declined to reach the pro se appearance issue in Eresian, et al.
While the Pro Se Project does no financial screening before accepting clients, Sanders said most of them are indigent.
Hardly anyone understands how pro se appeals are handled by the federal courts--that is, how differently than appeals by litigants wealthy enough to hire lawyers.
their role in pro se cases, to what extent they are implementing active
Electronic pro se forms to help nonlawyers prepare and file evictions and small claims via the Florida court system's statewide e-filing portal have been posted online, and feedback is being sought from lawyers and others.
Alaska courts have assisted unrepresented litigants in civil cases, explaining procedural technicalities to pro se litigants and applying more lenient standards to pro se pleadings.