Pro Tanto

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Pro Tanto

[Latin, For so much; for as much as one is able; as far as it can go.] A term that refers to a partial payment made on a claim.

In an Eminent Domain case, pro tanto describes the partial payment made by the government for the taking of land. This payment is given Without Prejudice, and the petitioner can maintain an action for the full amount of the land.

A pro tanto defense is a defendant's counter-claim against the plaintiff for one-half the requested damages.

pro tanto

(proh tahn-toe) Latin for only to that extent. Example: a judge gives an order for payments for one year, pro tanto.

PRO TANTO. For so much. See 17 Serg. & Rawle, 400.

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31) For Weinstein--although this is not exactly his phrasing--a democracy that excludes citizens from democratic opinion formation pro tanto dissolves its social contract with them, relieving them of their duty to obey law.
It is commonly thought that atomization, paradigmatically in mathematics but also more generally, is pro tanto epistemically valuable.
But in any case, whistleblowing always violates a pro tanto moral duty (ie, a duty we must keep under ordinary circumstances but which may be outweighed on occasion), and it is this fact that accounts for why whistleblowers often fare poorly: not only has the employee harmed the employer's interest, but the employee has harmed that interest while breaking a pro tanto obligation to the employer, and so the employee's actions seem morally tainted.
Una razon pro tanto es un hecho que cumple una funcion en una explicacion ponderada (es decir, que evalua las distintas razones que hay) de por que el agente debe realizar una accion.
The central thesis of this book is that a certain kind of reason--a pro tanto reason--requires free will, or the ability to do otherwise.
to a less demanding one, one that simply requires that the thing be pro tanto good, or good in some respect:
Doorn claims that Rawls makes a distinction between three kinds of justification: political justification (a pro tanto justification of the political conception), full justification (it deals explicitly with citizens within their own life and with their own comprehensive doctrine), and public justification (justification by political society).
The key to answering the above question will therefore be to understand whether the fact that a critique of someone's deeply held cultural convictions (in a very inclusive sense of 'criticising' that includes rational argument, satire, mockery and ridicule, whether verbal or non--verbal) hurts the criticized person's cultural sensitivity or shows disrespect for her culturally embedded beliefs is in itself a moral pro tanto reason for refraining from this particular criticism.
For instance, if the duty to obey the law always trumped any pro tanto duties to break it, then there would be no circumstance in which a person could permissibly break the law and warrant punishment for the sake of preserving the systemic values.
Ademas, su candidato, Francisco Buenaventura Labastida Ochoa, ya no es el "carismatico" sucesor de cuando el partido oficial podia reciclar a cualquiera de sus hombres con la bendicion del presidente en turno y la puesta en marcha de una maquinaria que contaba con la lealtad de sus cuadros y "un cierto grado de participacion no obligada, y que, pro tanto, (distribuia) tanto incentivos selectivos como colectivos".
If the renter or operator of the vehicle is uninsured or has less than $500,000 combined single limit coverage, the rental company is liable for up to an additional $500,000 in economic damages only, reduced pro tanto by the coverage of the vehicle operator.
In the early 1980s, before Internal Revenue Code [sections] 130, defendants and/or their insurers owned structured settlement annuities that only discharged their obligations pro tanto.