Pro Tem

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Pro Tem

[Latin, For the time being.] An abbreviation used for pro tempore, Latin for "temporary or provisional."

A person who acts as a temporary substitute serves pro tem. The term is often used to describe the acting head of a governing body, such as the president pro tem of the Senate, who presides over the Senate when the vice president is unable to do so.

pro tem

1) adj. short for the Latin "pro tempore", temporarily or for the time being. In law, judge pro tem normally refers to a judge who is sitting temporarily for another judge or to an attorney who has been appointed to serve as a judge as a substitute for a regular judge. When an appeals justice is not available or there is a vacancy, a lower court judge is appointed Justice Pro Tem until a new Justice is appointed. Small claims cases are often heard by an attorney serving as Judge Pro Tem. 2) n. short for a temporary judge as "Sam Collins is Pro Tem today."

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The mayor pro tem is in line to become mayor the following year.
Westlake Village: Mayor Mark Rutherford, Mayor Pro Tem Susan McSweeney, council members Jim Bruno, Philipa Klessig, Robert Slavin.
Moorpark: Mayor Patrick Hunter, Mayor Pro Tem Clint D.
McCaleb staring playing the role of a Mayor Pro Tem soon after former mayor Tony Marino stepped down from the role on July 4.
Nevertheless, now that an investigative agency has been tasked to investigate this matter, and to avoid any potential appearance of impropriety arising from his business and personal relationship with Ken Paxton, the undersigned Criminal District Attorney of Collin County respectfully requests this Honorable Court to appoint a Criminal District Attorney Pro Tem of Collin County in this matter.
The proclamation was also signed by Mayor Pro Tem Fred Balderrama, and Council Members David Lau and Sharon Martinez.
This will be followed by a lunch on Wednesday, April 27 featuring Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg as the speaker.
The man many once considered the most powerful politician in the North Carolina General Assembly, Marc Basnight, said a degenerative nerve disease as well as his desire to spend more time with his fiancee, convinced him to resign from the Senate after 25 years, 18 as Senate president pro tem.
The two latest incidences of this are the appointments of two former state senators to six-figure jobs on obscure boards by Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata.
The three main proposals by the Governor, Pro tem and Speaker all seek to impose a mandate that the coalition believes small businesses just simply can't afford.
The Oklahoma Republican Caucus has "voted to place policy over politics" and not elect the next Senate president pro tem designee until after the November general election.
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, and Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, will select three commission members apiece.