Problems with Verizon

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Country: United States of America
State: Arizona

I recently purchased two cell phones form Verizon Wireless and was told by the salesman before I purchased the phones that the phones had a feature that allows the user to record their own ring tones. But after I purchased the phone, I found out that this feature did not work. I contacted Verizon Wireless and was told by them that they had disabled this feature on the particular model of phone that I purchased to force users to download and purchase extra ring tones. I contacted the manufacture of the cell phone, Samsung, and they told me that the model of phone that I purchased does in fact have the capability of allowing the user to record his/her own ring tones, but that if it didn't work, it was because Verizon Wireless, for whatever reason, disabled that feature before selling the phone. Is this sort of thing lawful? It would only seem fair that if you buy a phone and both the salesman and the instruction say that a particular feature is available on the phone, but then after you purchase the phone and that feature is not available, you really haven't received everything you paid for. Who would I contact about the legality of this sort of thing?


You can return it--or sue in small claims if they will not let you do so--
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