Process Server

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Process Server

A person authorized by law to deliver papers, typically the complaint, to the defendant.


Service of Process.

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process server

n. a person who serves (delivers) legal papers in lawsuits, either as a profession or as a government official, such as a deputy sheriff, marshal or constable. (See: service of process)

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However, the gatehouse staff member who phones a resident to advise that a process server is there could be deemed to be obstructing the authorized service or execution of any civil or criminal process (again, a Class B misdemeanor) if the call permits the resident to avoid service.
But when asked whether, in his years as a process server, he has ever had to deliver a lawsuit to anyone but the party being sued, Klitou said no.
The E-filing Authority's Board of Directors voted recently to disable that electronic option for process servers in order to comply with Fla.
For many cases, however, lawyers--or others who need papers served--hire a professional process server to do it.
He tore a Piggly Wiggly-brand band-aid from its wax paper envelope while the process server sucked her bleeding finger as though to derive sustenance.
To better appreciate what this example portends, note that when a party is served, the affidavit of the process server typically is good evidence of the efficacy of that service (its called prima facie evidence).
Was the process server inept in failing to ascertain that she no longer worked at Dr.
The process server jumped on the car bonnet outside Ghalib's Los Angeles home but fell off, breaking his wrist and sustaining other injuries.
11, when a process server visited Ghalib's flat and tried to hand him legal papers detailing a restraining order filed against him by Britney's father Jamie.
All I want is for people to register." Mr Bain added a series of letters was sent to defaulters finishing up with a process server before prosecution was undertaken.
As you have to prove service of the petition upon your wife to the court, you could consider instructing a process server to serve the document and they can provide you with an "affidavit of service" as proof. is using a combination of the company's software products, including IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM Information Server, Rational software delivery tools and Tivoli Monitoring.