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Most curious is Baumgardner's claim that investment in advertising to reframe the prochoice debate has had no political impact.
The prochoice movement can lay an equally strong claim to an important strain in American and Western traditions.
Ehrenreich, like many of the prochoice movement's writers and intellectuals, would have us believe that the early fetus (and 90 percent of abortions take place in the first three months) is nothing more than a dewy piece of tissue, to be excised without regret.
This means that issue activists who have aligned themselves with a given political party during a given period--in this case prochoice Democrats in our contemporary era--have to be utterly clearheaded, persistently mobilized and never complacent.
Must I insist you do?" Cuomo routinely used words like "tragedy" to describe abortion, despite the obvious discomfort this caused his prochoice supporters.
A similar feeling that things have not turned out the way they were supposed to pervades the medical wing of the prochoice movement.
Whereas the abortion debate used to be dominated by male professionals, it is now controlled on both the prochoice and prolife sides by women from the grass roots.
Throughout this long feminist campaign, abortion was contested in class terms both within the feminist movement and against the state; the class and popular differences in Canadian abortion politics were inscribed within feminist organizations as a broad division between liberal and leftist prochoice organizations.
But however much "prochoice" resonates with champions of women's rights (myself included), why not explore other language when women's access to abortion is increasingly restricted?
Understandably, the prochoice movement has grown frustrated with the unending onslaught, and the public, numb.
Nonetheless, the article's author presents the prochoice argument that "pharmacists relinquish the right to unfettered autonomy when they enter this service profession."
Christine Todd Whitman, a prochoice Republican who vetoed a bill outlawing late-term abortions.