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The fact that central initiatives tend to exert more influence on the behavior of DIC is consistent with the theoretical expectation that the DIC would be more responsive to directives from its Beijing headquarters than the procuracy, as explained in Section 3.
Thaman SC, 'Reform of the Procuracy and Bar in Russia' (1996)
For an example, an official of the Supreme People's Procuracy staff spoke to a television broadcast in Beijing.
Chongqing Dadukou District Procuracy has been running a restorative justice project on a trial basis for 20 juvenile delinquents who received suspended sentences since 2004.
When the Federal Government intervenes in local cases, it works through the Procuracy, Ministry of Justice, Presidential Administration, and the courts.
In another article, Peerenboom points out that the close relationship between the judicial and executive branches in China has "made possible some institutions and practices such as review by adjudicative committees and individual case supervision by the procuracy and people's congress that would be difficult to reconcile with conceptions of judicial independence and separation of power principles in liberal democracies" ("Regulatory Compliance", supra note 3 at 9).
Kuzmik, Recent Development, Rule of Law and Legal Reform in Ukraine: A Review of the New Procuracy Law 34 HARV.
But investigations into Yukos by the Procuracy General resulted in the arrests of key figures in Yukos ownership, including Platon Lebedev in July and Khodorkovsky on Oct.
In some cases, newly created positions, such as the office of the ombudsman in Poland, as well as constitutional courts there and in various other countries, have often exceeded original expectations for the safeguarding of constit utional protection, while such factors as the persistence of the Russian-model procuracy, even in countries where it existed by virtue of colonial importation, have contributed to institutional inertia and have made the process of change more arduous and complicated.
Although thc Russian Procuracy has officially made 2000 claims against regions that have committed violations of the Constitution, the constitutional court has completed only 20 cases regarding regional violations of the constitution.
China's four relevant official organs, the Ministry of Justice, the Public Security Bureau, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuracy, have issued an internal report for law enforcers detailing ''special procedures'' that override normal laws, she said.