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We know from our customers' experience that PECOS Internet Procurement Manager will be able to reduce Parks Corporation's overall purchasing costs by driving inefficiencies out of their IT purchasing process.
We look forward to using Elcom's PECOS Internet Procurement Manager.
All questions and requests for clarification concerning this Bid shall be made to Julia Vosnock, Procurement Manager, at 910-332-6589 or Julia.
Extensity's T&E applications complement PECOS Internet Procurement Manager by allowing customers to consolidate purchasing processes, expense reporting, travel management and tracking of corporate spending for increased efficiencies, control and cost reductions.
Palace Entertainment selected PECOS Internet Procurement Manager because it is remotely hosted by elcom.
s Chairman and CEO, added, "We welcome the opportunity to work with Palace to implement our remotely-hosted PECOS Internet Procurement Manager.
com will have membership access to PECOS Internet Procurement Manager ("PECOS.
Bill Ward, Vice President and Controller for Cricket, said the wireless communications company selected PECOS Internet Procurement Manager because of its remotely hosted capability and ability to automate the purchasing processes using just a Web browser.
Verticalnet(R) Procurement Manager -- simplifies and improves control over the procurement process to help companies realize the maximum cost savings identified through supplier sourcing and negotiation
s Chairman and CEO added, "We are pleased to add APC to our growing list of companies which have selected PECOS Internet Procurement Manager for pilot testing.
PECOS Procurement Manager provides client's personnel with browser-based self-service purchasing functions directly from their desktops, including multi-vendor electronic catalogs that support standard or negotiated "custom" pricing with preferred suppliers.
VISA International to Recommend PECOS Internet Procurement Manager

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