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PRODIGAL, civil law, persons. Prodigals were persons who, though of full age, were incapable of managing their affairs, and of the obligations which attended them, in consequence of their bad conduct, and for whom a curator was therefore appointed.
     2. In Pennsylvania, by act of assembly, an habitual drunkard is deprived of the management of his affairs, when he wastes his property, and his estate is placed in the bands of a committee.

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If we are afraid or confused because it has been a long time since we confessed and we don't know what to do, be like the prodigal son.
His mentor should also be wary of the numerous 'brother of the prodigal son' who wailed and railed at the return of his brother, all because of 'inheritance'.
It would take tons of Farhad Moshiri's dosh to lure this Prodigal Son back to the family bosom.
For more information about Gravedigger: Prodigal Son, please visit or contact Kellan Publishing at
In his book The Return of the Prodigal Son (Image Books), Nouwen writes that the image "makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time ...
Some of the questions remain for speculations are such as: what would the G-5 advance in Juba, with their much hyped prodigal son farewell return?
The Holy Father identified another temptation that sets up obstacles to those who, like the prodigal son, come to the father's house for mercy and bread: "the temptation to hostile inflexibility, that is, wanting to close oneself within the written word, (the letter) and not allowing oneself to be surprised by God, by the God of surprises, (the spirit); within the law, within the certitude of what we know and not of what we still need to learn and to achieve.
His fall from grace is a nod to music's modern prodigal son, Pete Doherty.
The Spanish giants, Fabregas' boyhood club, have welcomed the news their prodigal son, who left for Highbury when aged 16 in 2003, would like to return.
The pensioner planned to complete the 5ft wide depiction of James Tissot's The Return Of The Prodigal Son by the spring.
Summary: New movie Brothers is a modern day take on the parable of the prodigal son based around the plight of a soldier returning from war.
Our Gospel reading is the parable of the prodigal son. Or the parable of the disobedient son, or the wasteful son, or the forgiven son, or the jealous elder son, or the forgiving father, or the prodigal father.