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To date there has been limited published data regarding the importance of identifying prodromal symptoms of an HAE attack," said Timothy J.
For the prodromal symptoms, the acronym FACTSS was used.
If short-term users (or low cumulative users) are used as the referent exposure group, the more pronounced risk reduction in this group caused by prodromal symptoms would bias relative risks for long-term users (or high cumulative users) upward.
The results of the review are structured according to the ASA symptom categories, and an additional section describes studies that included nontraditional, somatic, and prodromal symptoms.
Tarrier et al (7) concluded from their analysis of prodromal symptoms that psychotic relapses can be predicted in 75 per cent of cases on the basis of increasing scores for hallucinations and depressive symptoms in the two months preceding a relapse.
Levy et al suggest that prodromal symptoms usually occur two to 14 days prior to the development of cutaneous lesions.
555), and the period covered in a pathway was specified as the duration of untreated psychosis--the time between the occurrence of prodromal symptoms and the successful attainment of psychiatric treatment for their ill relatives.
He also denied photophobia, headache, myalgias, and other prodromal symptoms.
Further questioning aimed at uncovering other precipitating factors or prodromal symptoms related to his dizziness/unsteadiness was unremarkable.
Therapy should be initiated within six hours of the first sign of prodromal symptoms, such as tingling, itching, burning or lesion appearance.