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Sponsors will not be prepared to pay for product endorsement it they see unlicenced use.
Given these concerns, consider the following issues prior to starting a product endorsement program.
NOTE: This product is featured as something that may be of interest for recreational use and is not a product endorsement.
Not only are these irresponsible young people not worthy,in the main,of anything but a fraction of their wages and product endorsement deals,but by pretending otherwise, a large part of society's core values are seriously devalued.
However, a celebrity's stock for the purposes of product endorsement can rise and fall over time.
Their ads for Intel, a company with a stake in hipness, are less product endorsement and more prime-time performance art.
A master of publicity and pioneer of celebrity product endorsement
The company negotiates production and product endorsement deals, produces logos on several major labels, manages recording artists and provides marketing expertise for companies seeking to penetrate the Generation X market.
As a result, we eschew corporate relationships based on product endorsement or an implied "green seal" of approval.

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