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Sponsors will not be prepared to pay for product endorsement it they see unlicenced use.
Essentially, a product endorsement communicates to the public the association's acceptance or approval of certain products, services, or individuals.
Their ads for Intel, a company with a stake in hipness, are less product endorsement and more prime-time performance art.
A master of publicity and pioneer of celebrity product endorsement
The company negotiates production and product endorsement deals, produces logos on several major labels, manages recording artists and provides marketing expertise for companies seeking to penetrate the Generation X market.
As a result, we eschew corporate relationships based on product endorsement or an implied "green seal" of approval.
This is the first instance of private label product endorsement in the Indian market.
While not a product endorsement, the Seal of Recognition demonstrates that the educational and informative material is sound and reliable and based on the AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.
IGNORING a recent ban on product endorsement by doctors, the Indian Medical Association ( IMA), a professional body of doctors, has decided to continue its multi- crore endorsement deals with PepsiCo and Dabur.
The RNIB later awarded a product endorsement to the Static Systems' hand units.
Andy asks the same of 'Gav', a man holidaying in an exclusive Alpine ski resort with more product endorsement contracts than you could sell a dummy too and the gorgeous and independently wealthy Ms Church on his arm.
And he has not taken up a single offer of product endorsement which have been flooding in since his moment of magic Down Under.

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