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The Lowell shows on HSN are part of the shopping channel's strategy to bring cable celebrities on to present how-to projects with product tie-ins.
A speedy and public trial--six--sure, and what about broadcasting it on public television and radio (I just came up with this) with the profits and product tie-ins going back to the Corporation (for Public Broadcasting) to replace the current entitlement?
The agency will look at opportunities in action sports and apparel, consumer product tie-ins, publishing, and series development.
As part of the company's broad campaign, the public will see billboards in premium locations such as Sunset Boulevard and Times Square, disruptive print ads, viral advertising on YouTube and social media sites, product tie-ins and co-branding, theater teasers, "Duckumentaries" - mini documentaries about real people and the assistance Aflac provides, consumer contests, special events to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Aflac Duck and more.
With retailers reporting Wonka products to be flying off the shelves and the movie topping the box office, Nestle is counting the launch of Wonka bars as one of the most successful product tie-ins of recent years.
But there are some supermarket product tie-ins on store shelves, including cereal and fruit snakes produced by General Mills Inc.
Canterbury Cuisine and other food suppliers aim to help department and specialty store buyers with merchandising ideas, private label and product tie-ins.
Workman has overseen the Global Strategic Marketing Group since 1997, planning and implementing global promotions and product tie-ins for all of the studio's films, including "The Mask of Zorro," "Godzilla," "Men In Black" and the forthcoming "Stuart Little.
To honor Jordan, the greatest athlete to ever wear that jersey number, the company is planning several unique promotional and product tie-ins.
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