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New features focus on product usability, user productivity improvements and performance to provide a more robust and easier to use solution.
For the Product Quality Leadership Award, the following criteria were used to benchmark the award recipient's performance against key competitors: product performance, product reliability, product design, product usability and perceived value.
This new version follows customer satisfaction and product usability research with input from more than 500 CPA students.
It is a very exciting time for financial planning in Europe and our software should be a natural choice with its multiple language and country capabilities, all built to the highest global planning standards," said Maria-Luise Neuper, VP Product Usability and Training at PlanPlus.
The performance of Itron's smart metering solutions were benchmarked against key competitors based on criteria, including product performance, product reliability, product design, product usability and perceived value.
As stated in the report, "In the 2014 Magic Quadrant for ITSSM tools, Gartner has focused on vendors whose IT service support functions enhance product usability.
We have been using Runtime Intelligence within our division to improve product usability and quality for many of our .
His keen understanding of business transformation and process engineering will help Evariant provide higher quality consultative implementations, enhanced product usability and support, and media, analytics, and data services to our existing and prospective customers," said Michael Clark, Evariant's Chief Operating Officer.
User Interface Engineering is a leading research, training, and consulting firm specializing in web site and product usability.
Usability - Flexibility and ease-of-use are significant factors in product usability, and are hallmarks for WatchGuard XCS solutions.

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