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These SFMs consist of a production function and an inefficiency equation.
The enterprise production function with electricity can reflect both the technology level and management level of the production.
Mathew (1982) "On the Estimation of Technical Inefficiency in the Stochastic Frontier Production Function Model", Journal of Economics, 19:233:38.
Section III presents the Cobb--Douglas production function and the Solow growth model.
Hicks [2] suggested a generalization of Hicks' original two variable elasticity concept as follows: For a production function f, put
In this paper, we examine the choice problem between two production functions.
If the one-sided error term in the production function is not present then our model is an ordinary production function, which can be estimated by Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression technique.
We base our Bayesian analysis on the normalized production function specification of Klump and de La Grandville (2000), thoroughly studied by Klump, McAdam, and Willman (2007a), which allows for nonneutral technological change.
Denoting the capital per unit of labor by k = K / L for any L [not equal to] 0 we define the production function in intensive form as f(k).
A production function allows an analysis of inputs and results, it searches to describe the more optimal level of production and it is interested, in addition, by the analysis of the best options to obtain a maximum possible product level, using determined inputs; thus the production function is a very useful instrument since it allows to describe the levels of greater efficiency and to observe impacts of possible changes in the inputs or technological changes.
That means, implementing this production function will lead to adaptive offers where the input factors are in a functional relationship within one technological process variant.

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