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As per the deal, the MIS products of Lector will become part of the EFI Productivity Software family of products.
EFI remains committed to the business and to the long-term global market opportunity with this investment," says Sean Whelan, EFI's director Productivity Software European operations.
And in addition to our high ranking in personal productivity software for small office and home office use, we are rapidly expanding our lifestyle, educational and entertainment product offerings.
Power Up produces personal productivity software applications such as the category-leading Calendar Creator Plus.
Since 1990, Atlanta-based Advanced Productivity Software has provided scalable, reliable time tracking and cost recovery software that makes it easier to capture more time accurately, enabling law firms to quickly track and access activity that improves the firm's bottom line.
Spinnaker Software Corporation is a leading supplier of personal productivity software solutions for the small business/home office end user.
For nearly 20 years, Advanced Productivity Software has been a leader in time tracking and cost recovery software for law firms.
Spinnaker and Power Up have both grown to become two successful $30 million productivity software companies targeting the same customers," said Edward Lauing, chairman, Power Up Software.
Vendors are making real time collaboration a part of their bigger communication suite, be it email, presence, IM, IP PBX, or enterprise productivity software.

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