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PROFANE. That which has not been consecrated. By a profane place is understood one which is neither sacred, nor sanctified, nor religious. Dig. 11, 7, 2, 4. Vide Things.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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They are advised not to use gibberish, hateful, sexual and profane language to criticise an app or game.
A city ordinance that intends to control the destructive force of profane expressions has nothing to do with 'backwardness,' ('Don't kill free speech,' Letters, 11/15/18).
In response to the first question, much to the chagrin of lovers of dirty words throughout the state, it appears it is legal if the language of the law prohibits "profane fighting words," according to First Amendment attorney and law professor David Hudson Jr., of the Nashville School of Law in Tennessee.
The leaders from tehsil Noorpur Thal including Allama Sher Muhammad Sialvi, Arshed Naveed Haidri, Habibur Rehman Sultani and Shafiq Nizami said that if Holland government does not take action against those preparing profane caricatures, Pakistan and the world community should snap all the diplomatic ties with the country.
In January, the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to three months in jail and fined him Dh500,000 for using profane language.
Dubai: A man denied in court on Tuesday the accusation of assaulting two sisters, calling them bad women and using profane language in a nightclub when he was drunk.
"Thus, while this case touches on an interesting issue of free speech law, we reserve full analysis of what constitutes profane speech and whether profane speech is otherwise protected as free speech for another day," Justice Annette Ziegler wrote for the majority.
Profane words are also useful for fostering intimacy and solidarity with others.
Critique: Unique, unusually candid, intensely personal, consistently compelling, "More: Journey To Mystical Union Through The Sacred And The Profane" is an inherently fascinating and truly exemplary account of the power of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the restoration of a human bonding between a wife and a husband that has implications for us all.
BEIRUT: For some, "sacred" and "profane" are opposites -- like light and dark or the devil and the deity.
The aim of this paper is to outline a specific medium of visual representation--religious broadcasting as a contemporary example of how the interference between sacred and profane is negotiated in the paradigm of mediated reality.
Meanwhile, students and religious workers of different parties today staged protest demonstration against the profane caricatures in Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Jalalpur and Sukheke and have called upon the government to take concrete measures to stop deliberate publication and republication of such remarks.