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PROFANELY. In a profane manner. In an indictment, under the act of assembly of Pennsylvania, against profanity, it is requisite that the words should be laid to have been spoken profanely. 11 S. & R. 394.

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Bobby Cannavale as Jackie, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Veronica, Annabella Sciorra as Victoria, and Yul Vazquez as Cousin Julio), The Motherf*er with the Hat is the next best thing to witnessing this profanely hysterical, award-winning dark comedy play in person.
Nor is the conversation one-sided; the reader-auditor responds in a variety of ways: quizzically, meditatively, gesturally, laughingly, or even profanely.
Luther was skeptical that fallen reason could attain to the truths of faith, (35) and he observed a tendency among philosophers to handle sacred doctrines either profanely or with excessive self-assurance.
all of us), or Fischli and Weiss's more profanely material take on the existential traffic between the provincial and the urbane.
But over the years, Peskowitz has changed his tune, and he's apt to be seen on style blogs in, say, an Isaia sportcoat paired with a profanely embroidered kerchief given to him by the designer Mark McNairy.
com/chrysler-exec-ralph-gilles-has-very-rough-words-trump-857980) was rejected profanely by the company's vice president Ralph Gilles after real estate mogul Donald Trump repeated the false allegation.
The novel is packed with witty footnotes, and when Brnwa isn't lusting after the paleontologist, he's a profanely trenchant social observer.
When the skulls of Egyptian civilians in Maspero are rendered planate under the wheels of tanks without punishment, one can only conclude that the abeyance of justice in Egypt has become even more profanely conspicuous.
Arriving late for class, appearing unprepared, and speaking profanely during class could arguably invite reciprocal behavior from students (Schneider, 1998), as could the lack of clarity afforded by vague or poorly constructed syllabi (Morrissette, 2001; Thomas, 2003).
Though God's name is invoked, both profanely and in ritual, there is no hint in the movie that God ever directly entered into the confrontation.
Ruth Bourdain became a profanely funny sensation mostly via Twitter, where he (or she?
Caller said other driver was at fault, then yelled profanely and drove off.