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PROFANELY. In a profane manner. In an indictment, under the act of assembly of Pennsylvania, against profanity, it is requisite that the words should be laid to have been spoken profanely. 11 S. & R. 394.

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In a celebrated scene from The Wire's opening episode, "The Target," narcotics detectives Kima, Here, and Carver grumble profanely about their lack of resources.
Bobby Cannavale as Jackie, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Veronica, Annabella Sciorra as Victoria, and Yul Vazquez as Cousin Julio), The Motherf*er with the Hat is the next best thing to witnessing this profanely hysterical, award-winning dark comedy play in person.
For the convict the decision is an easy one: when his cellmate says that the ten years added to his sentence will be difficult to endure without a woman, the convict profanely declares his rejection of feminine flesh.
At games, fans often wondered, loudly and profanely, why the players were on a football field instead of a battlefield.
Ever heard a hunter profanely bemoan the inability of getting off a second shot because the open bolt rattled in the receiver and spooked the game?
Nor is the conversation one-sided; the reader-auditor responds in a variety of ways: quizzically, meditatively, gesturally, laughingly, or even profanely.
So, in her earlier visits, when the compassed splendour of the actual interiour glowed before her eyes, she had profanely called it a great prettiness; a gay piece of cabinet-work on a Titanic scale; a jewel-casket, marvelously magnified.
My favorite Woodward scene is in his 1995 book Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House, in which Clinton rails profanely against the New York bond houses because they are increasing interest rates in anticipation of his spending agenda, requiring the President to restrain the new programs he liked to tout in his State of the Union addresses.
The dual meaning reinforces how an artwork may be seen as both profanely pedestrian or as a sacred portal.
Luther was skeptical that fallen reason could attain to the truths of faith, (35) and he observed a tendency among philosophers to handle sacred doctrines either profanely or with excessive self-assurance.
all of us), or Fischli and Weiss's more profanely material take on the existential traffic between the provincial and the urbane.
But over the years, Peskowitz has changed his tune, and he's apt to be seen on style blogs in, say, an Isaia sportcoat paired with a profanely embroidered kerchief given to him by the designer Mark McNairy.