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Does this political activity contravene her professional obligations as a lawyer?
Of course, it is perfectly possible any individual member of the profession might think that he or she has a personal moral belief that is fundamentally at odds with those professional obligations. But when that occurs, if that individual strongly feels he or she can not or will not subordinate those beliefs to his or her professional obligations, the proper conclusion should cause the individual to leave the profession.
One argument for a professional obligation to assume the risks of smallpox vaccination centers on a more general obligation for health care professionals to provide health care to patients in need despite some risk to their own health.
It aims to silence the very people whose professional obligation it is to speak out and advocate for those in their care.
The court is right to ponder this very important example of exercise of a First Amendment right to criticize a sitting judge versus an attorney's professional obligation to use restraint in making public remarks when referring to members of the judiciary.
It is concluded that to be true to one's identity as a teacher requires a personal and professional obligation to teach we!l, to engage in scholarly teaching, and to participate in the scholarship of teaching.
Justice David Souter noted that in "an HMO system, a physician's financial interest lies in providing less care, not more," but "The check on this the professional obligation to provide covered services with a reasonable degree of skill and judgment in the patient's interest." (6)
That is a professional obligation. How is that "an ill-conceived internal need that may be harmful to practitioners and the AICPA"?
The professional obligation to preserve patient confidences has roots in medical ethics that go back to the Hippocratic Oath, and it is recognized in the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics.[1] As a legal matter, however, the physician-patient privilege has been recognized by the courts only where it has been enacted into law by statute or court rule.
He made it clear that negligence will not be accepted and strict action will be taken against those who violated their professional obligation. He said all security officials should be in close coordination.
He was also offered bribe as well as hurled threats on him but he did perform his professional obligation with smiling face as well as exhibiting high moral attitude.

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