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As professional educators, we are certainly aware of the qualities, traits and characteristics that make an outstanding teacher.
She is admired for her work with the ACEI Branches, leaders of literacy projects, education students, and professional educators.
SPACE CAMP in various professional educator meetings and conventions, promote a SPACE CAMP scholarship program and produce logbooks used by SPACE CAMP, SPACE ACADEMY and AVIATION CHALLENGE staff and trainees.
That would be a huge mistake, representatives from groups like the Texas Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers and the Texas Association of Professional Educators told the board Wednesday.
As a member-driven organization, AAE brings credible teacher voices to the policy table, providing invaluable input from professional educators in classrooms across America.
I met the president of the Mansfield Professional Educators, Ric Bayless, this week and asked him to describe why he thinks this happened.
The Junction team of experienced web developers, designers and marketing strategists worked closely with Ultimate stakeholders to design a new website to reflect the vision and ambitions of the professional educators at Ultimate.
along with other UK medical educators, demonstrate the assessment of undergraduate and graduate students and trainees to medical and health professional educators in the UK.
The college's new Alternative Teacher Certification Program is designed to meet the needs of those pursuing careers as certified teachers, and offers flexible, affordable classes, taught by professional educators in the Dallas area.
Parents and professional educators need guidelines that are consistent with the teaching and pastoral experience of the Church.
The TOS program evolved from the concept that students need more information about requirements and expectations of their career choices as professional educators.

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