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To offer or tender, as, the production of a document and offer of the same in evidence.

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v. to offer evidence in a trial.

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'I charge the university to proffer solutions to the development of our six pillar agenda.
The government says it has problems with the property deeds submitted by businessman Benoni Urey and the vonBallmoos family to justify the bond proffered for former CBL Executive Governor Milton Weeks' release because of ambiguity to the locations of the properties and their lack of distinction.
With the assist of our Microsoft Certified team of specialists, here we are capable of proffer to you a selection of services that build your entire dealings with the company rather easy.
The safest way to proffer is to offer the actual testimony sought to be entered into evidence.
Under the so-called "Proffer Plan", Israel will confiscate 800,000 acres of Arab lands in Al-Naqeb and the deportation of 40,000 Arab citizens and demolition of 36 Arab villages.
Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp have teamed with esteemed media production company Meteor 17 and its founder, music and media producer Spencer Proffer, to establish 25 Proffer Family Explorer Scholarships for children between the ages of 9 and 11, with 12 going specifically to Native American tribes.
"Dolly" (Zompetti) Proffer, of Punta Gorda, Florida passed away Dec 7, 2011 at Hope Hospice in Cape Coral, FL.
Carlos argued that the proffer consisted merely of a generalized summary of phenomena typically associated with domestic abuse.
The app also includes a search bar with word prompt technology, so simply entering one word will proffer a list of likely matches.
He was said to be concerned about their choice of words for the occasion, saying they were more likely to proffer 'Holy chicken s***, look at all that dust'.
Should the media choose not to expose these truths and proffer a series of lame excuses, its moral standing will be no better than much of the German press in the 1930s.
They proffer an intimate look at Portuguese culture through the traditional recipes, family photographs, cartoons, poetry and personal anecdotes.