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Pro Forma

As a matter of form or for the sake of form. Used to describe accounting, financial, and other statements or conclusions based upon assumed or anticipated facts.

The phrase pro forma, in an appealable decree or judgment, usually means that the decision was rendered not on a conviction that it was right, but merely to facilitate further proceedings.

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pro forma

1) prep. Latin for "as a matter of form," the phrase refers to court rulings merely intended to facilitate the legal process (to move matters along). 2) n. an accountant's proposed financial statement for a business based on the assumption that certain events occurred, such as a 20% increase in annual sales or 6% inflation.

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The proformas of 5(71.1%) journals directed the peer reviewers to send back the proforma via email while only 2(28.5%) journals demanded paper filled proforma via postage.
For the Water & Sewer System the aggregate Proforma Operating and Maintenance (O&M) Expenses (596805) divided by the CCFs Sold (b) during the period of FY2001-FY2006 (O&M/CCF) versus Water & Sewer System Actual O&M divided by the CCFs Sold during the period of FY2001-FY2006 were compared and are presented in Table 3.
"It's an honor to receive this award from an organization like Proforma, who ranked as the No.
The CPMP proforma, which was launched in April with the backing of Defra minister Lord Whitty, needs to be in use on 200,000 hectares by the end of this year, rising to a million in three years time.
Using the financial proforma model, a financial baseline scenario representing the startup costs for the first five years of a new PACE program was developed.
Turnover edged up 5.5 per cent on a proforma basis.
The company's operating profit margin on proforma continuing operations was 4.2 percent in the quarter, up from 2.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 1997.
Products: Tax Partner 1040 ($995-$1,390) includes 47 forms/schedules, 41 states available ($325-$425); 1065 ($495); 1120C ($495); 1120S ($495); Proforma ($195); Organizer ($139); 1099/W2 Plus ($195); Planner ($195); Electronic Advantage ($170); Electronic Advantage Plus ($295); Electronic Advantage Direct ($795).
MULTAN -- Special secretary agriculture marketing Punjab has sent a new performance evaluation proforma for monthly performance evaluation of field staff of marketing committees across the province to improve their performance and revenue recovery.
Greenville, SC, May 30, 2015 --( Greenville-based Proforma Business Impact, a promotional products, printing and digital publishing provider, is proud to announce the Klokwerks/Proforma Deep Orange Fellowship.
Selected candidates, he said are required to download bank challan and acknowledgement proforma from the link.
Discount Labels, of New Albany, IN, a Quality Park company, has received the Supplier of the Year Award from Proforma for the third consecutive year.