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During embryonic development all cardiac cells and certain blood vessels derive from primitive cells known as cardiovascular progenitors.
3 (ANI): The "daughters" of breast stem cells, called luminal progenitor cells, are found to be responsible for breast cancers that develop in women carrying mutations in the gene BRCA1, according to scientists at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
In the ideal situation, renal progenitors would be transplanted directly into the kidney parenchyma, but this is never a simple problem.
We've defined the progenitor cell that is committed to making heart muscle, and we've started to define the factors that make that cell grow and form heart muscle cells," said senior author Jonathan Epstein.
Many of these progenitors are maintained in a quiescent state or "standby mode" and arc ready to differentiate in response to immune challenges (such as stress, infection or disease).
These two types of progenitors generate nearly all types of brain cells, including endothelial cells, pericytcs/smooth muscle cells, neurons, and astrocytes, resulting in better restoration of neurovascular units and better replacement of the lost cells in the stroke model.