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The procedure by which debate is formally ended in a meeting or legislature so that a vote may be taken.

Cloture is a means of terminating a filibuster, which is a prolonged speech on the floor of the Senate designed to forestall legislative action.

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"It is possible to get a Bill through the Commons without a timetable, without a programme motion, but that means it will take as long as it takes."
The MP is not concerned that by opposing the programme motion the effort to introduce democracy to the Lords could collapse.
Mr Bone predicted that there could be more than 100 Conservative rebels in Tuesday's vote on the programme motion. "These are extraordinary numbers in historical terms," he added.
Q Why is the "programme motion" - the timetable for the Bill's progress
"The Government needs to undertake further discussions with interested parties, such as the trade unions, to ensure that members of the public are not adversely affected by this Bill and I therefore voted against the programme motion in order to draw attention to my unease about the Bill."
A hung parliament invites all kinds of procedural ambush and sabotage: Surprise amendments; playing with programme motions (that allocate time for debate); moving 'the previous question' (which truncates debate and, confusingly, has nothing to do with questions previously asked); plus other obscure devices that an enterprising MP can find by rummaging in the baroque inlaid box of constitutional tricks.

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