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PROGRESSION. That state of a business which is neither the commencement nor the end. Some act done after the matter has commenced and before it is completed. Plowd. 343. Vide Consummation; Inception.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Employee progression is one such opportunity that we have come across when seeking solutions for cost efficiencies.
The existence of covert progressions is the second principal argument of this book, made through readings of six short stories, three by Americans (Poe, Crane, and Chopin) and three by Katherine Mansfield.
Publishing an article titled 'Deducing the Blues' in the journal CMS Notes, He says that the significance of this progression is singularly important to the genesis of rock 'n' roll.
In Chord Progressions, students listen to a chord progression to identify.
It concerns the notion of progression. (4) At issue here is how the teaching of social and other types of history can be made more challenging for students as they proceed through their programmes of study.
Hernan, of the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, and his associates examined the relationship between smoking and disease progression in 179 patients with relapsing-remitting onset of MS.
The longest known progressions have just 22 terms and lie in remote stretches of the number line.
The accompanying teaching progression has been developed through years of trial and error at the Iron Wood Throwers Camp.
The second and third chapters deal extensively with scales, chords, modes, rhythms, voicings and progressions common to smooth jazz.
These give us the flexibility to confuse the defense by calling the same pattern out of different formations, but by keeping the QB's progressions consistent, we make the plays easy for him to understand and execute.
Reviewers used a statistical method that showed 7.6 progressions to ARC or AIDS during one year for every 100 people in the placebo group, compared with 3.6 treatment failures for every 100 people taking 500 milligrams of zidovudine daily and 4.2 failures for every 100 people taking 1,500 mg of zidovudine daily.
Jazz Chord Hanon is designed to program "the fingers to automate the playing of jazz chord voicings." As Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist exercises strengthen the fingers through varying linear progressions, Jazz Chord Hanon moves sequentially through diatonic and chromatic scales and progressions from three through five voices.

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