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PROGRESSION. That state of a business which is neither the commencement nor the end. Some act done after the matter has commenced and before it is completed. Plowd. 343. Vide Consummation; Inception.

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Now, a pair of mathematicians offers a proof that in one fell swoop demonstrates that there are infinitely many prime progressions of every finite length.
Proving anything about progressions with more than three terms had seemed beyond reach, says Andrew Granville, a mathematician at the University of Montreal.
Due to the different depths of the receiver's routes, we had to calibrate the QB's drops to the timing and progression of the patterns.
Weak progression, X to Y to H; strong progression, Z to Y to F.
This study will compare the time to progression of CMV retinitis in patients receiving treatment with ISIS 2922 with the time to progression of patients receiving no treatment prior to their first progression.
The Progressions Awards program is an incentive awards program designed to track and reward the efforts of BPC's national sales force.
What would be helpful is a companion book with some lead sheets using the progressions found in Jazz Chord Hanon.
Zidovudine (AZT) can delay disease progression in some outwardly healthy people infectd with the AIDS-causing virus HIV, according to preliminary results of a large, multicenter drug trial.
For the first time, AVEDA products and services are now available at the Mall of America with the opening of Progressions, an AVEDA Concept Salon located adjacent to Nordstrom's on the first level.
This system will combine the historical strengths of the Eugenia Hospital with those of the Progressions Health System in providing care for subscribers of managed care plans as well as traditional indemnity insurance.
Nasdaq: GILD) announced today the presentation of interim data from 100 patients in a randomized, controlled pivotal study indicating that treatment with VISTIDE(TM) (cidofovir intravenous) delayed time to disease progression in patients with relapsing CMV retinitis, when compared to historical controls.
Prior to receiving VISTIDE, these patients had experienced disease progressions despite extensive treatment with approved CMV therapies.

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